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    1. Hello! Welcome to Guilin gold plastic & Plastic Co., Ltd.
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      GoldRays is a professional manufacturer of shower door seal and door gaskets in China. We supply a complete line up of seals and gaskets for shower doors, glass doors, windows and a wide range of industrial applications. Backed by our experience over the decade, our quality far surpass the industry standard and we manage to maintain our price very competitive.

      The shower door seals and door gaskets are manufactured from the best clear PVC or EVA materials available. With a high standard quality control system, the products are second to none in terms of durability, transparency and toughness. The door seal and gasket are made for shower door sealing and glass door application in order to prevent water leakage, air infiltration and cushion impact. The seals can be applied to curved, pivot, straight and sliding glass doors .......

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      Foshan City Jin Wei bathroom fittings

            address: No.8,Commercial building,Xiao Xiao        Road,Shishan,Nanhai,Foshan,China

            phone:0757-86662711 mobile:13326782448 Mr Lu


      Guilin gold plastic & Plastic Co., Ltd.

              address: East Industry Zone,Ertang Town, Pingle County,       Guilin City, Guangxi province, China

      Tel: :+8615677371005;0773-7622128  mobile:13326782448 Mr Lu

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